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How to take a picture using Raspberry pi and Python

Hello everyone, today in this lesson we will learn how we can interface the pi camera with any of the pi boards available in the market. And also we see how we can take pictures using python scripts. To do this you need any of the raspberry pi boards and a raspberry pi camera module.…
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Raspberry Pi 4 pinout [BOARD vs BCM]

Till now we’ve discussed how we can set up our Raspberry Pi board. Now in this lesson, I will explain different pinouts of the raspberry pi boards. As raspberry pi has 40 general purpose input and output (GPIO) pins which make it famous among the developers worldwide. So it’s very important to know what’s the…
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How to setup wifi and ssh without Display Or Lan cable of a Raspberry Pi

Hello friends today we will discuss how we can install a operating system as well as how we can configure the wifi and ssh connection of our raspberry Pi board without any display or lan cable. We can use the ssh connection from the first boot of the pi and only requires a sd card…
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What is a SSH connection?

SSH is stands for secure shell connection. It is a secure path between your local machine and the server. The server can be anything from a small single board computer like raspberry pi to big servers like aws instances or any cloud computers. It uses an encryption while communication which is only decoded either by…
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Choose a perfect OS for your Raspberry Pi asper your need

Till now we discussed about what is a Raspberry pi and what are the versions or members present in Raspberry pi eco system. And hopefully you have Raspberry Pi for yourself. But now the problem is Raspberry Pi is just a piece of hardware. So, to make it functional you should have a Operating system.…
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