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How to use SIM-800l or SIM900A modules with Arduino to send and receive messages and make call

Hello everyone, so today in this lesson we will see how we can interface any of the GSM modules with our Arduino boards. We also see how we can Send or Receive SMS and how we can make calls using those modules. Note: the circuit diagrams provided in these lessons are strictly dependent on the…
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AC dimming circuit and it’s working

Hello everyone so today in this lesson we will design an AC fan dimmer circuit at home using some of very commonly used electronics components. This circuit is also famous as fan regulator or fan speed controller. We also discuss the working and efficiency in this lesson. So let’s build our very own ac fan…
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How to interface Neo 6m GPS module with Arduino easily

Hello everyone so today in this lesson we will learn the easiest way to interface and use of the famous and low cost Neo 6m GPS modules with any of your Arduino boards. Here is the short hardware overview of the module itself. The main heart of this module is the Neo 6m GPS chip…
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How to install Open CV in Raspberry Pi 4

Hello everyone today in this lesson we will learn how we can install Opencv on our Raspberry Pi 4 board. If you are using a Raspberry Pi 3b+ then also you can follow this. But this tutorial is very useful if you wanted to integrate the image processing capabilities in your projects. There are several…
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How to control 16 servos using PCA9685 servo controller with Raspberry Pi 4B

Hello everyone welcome again in the Raspberry Pi beginners guide. Today we will look how we can use the Adafruit PCA9685 16 channel servo controller using a Raspberry Pi 4B. We will learn how to enable I2C and detect for the proper connection. Now let’s start todays job by powering on our Raspberry Pi board.…
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