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Tag: Artificial intelligence

Bring Your Imagination in Reality With Us

All you need to know about the world smallest AI super computer: NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit

Hey hello everyone I hope you are doing well. As you all today NVIDIA lunches the new Xavier NX Developer kit in there AI power machine lineups. And in this lesson we will see each and every detail you must know about the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit. We will see not only what…
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9+ most useful feature of python List

Hey, hello everyone hopes you all are doing good. So today in this lesson we will see how we can use different features of lists in python. But before that we should know what is list and why should we use it. So in a simple way list is a data type that can contain…
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How to use SIM-800l or SIM900A modules with Arduino to send and receive messages and make call

Hello everyone, so today in this lesson we will see how we can interface any of the GSM modules with our Arduino boards. We also see how we can Send or Receive SMS and how we can make calls using those modules. Note: the circuit diagrams provided in these lessons are strictly dependent on the…
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How to install Open CV in Raspberry Pi 4

Hello everyone today in this lesson we will learn how we can install Opencv on our Raspberry Pi 4 board. If you are using a Raspberry Pi 3b+ then also you can follow this. But this tutorial is very useful if you wanted to integrate the image processing capabilities in your projects. There are several…
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