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Bring Your Imagination in Reality With Us

3 things you must know to getting started with Raspberry Pi high definition camera module

Hey hello everyone hopes you guys are doing well. The raspberry pi foundation recently launched its new camera module named raspberry pi high definition camera module. Which is a new player in their camera module lineup And today in this blog we will see some amazing facts and some amazing features that this camera module…
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3 easy steps to getting started with 0.96 OLED displays with Raspberry pi

Hey hello everyone hopes you guys are doing well. Today in this video we will learn how we can use the 0.96” OLED display with our Raspberry pi easily. We will also learn how we can show our custom images on the OLED display. We are using an easy to understandable python library for this…
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How to control DC motors using Raspberry pi

Hey, hello everyone so I hope you are doing well. Today in this lesson we will learn how we can control any of your DC motors using your Raspberry Pi and python scripts. We will make a modular program which not only helps you to change the motor pins easily but it also helps you…
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9+ most useful feature of python List

Hey, hello everyone hopes you all are doing good. So today in this lesson we will see how we can use different features of lists in python. But before that we should know what is list and why should we use it. So in a simple way list is a data type that can contain…
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9+ useful String functions in python which you must know

Hello everyone hopes you guys doing well. So today we discuss in-depth about strings and some of its inbuilt functions which helps a lot while making any of the high-level programmes. If you are a beginner or an engineering student then you here about a month from your seniors or teachers that programming is all…
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