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Bring Your Imagination in Reality With Us

3 things you must know to getting started with Raspberry Pi high definition camera module

Hey hello everyone hopes you guys are doing well. The raspberry pi foundation recently launched its new camera module named raspberry pi high definition camera module. Which is a new player in their camera module lineup And today in this blog we will see some amazing facts and some amazing features that this camera module…
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How to use SIM-800l or SIM900A modules with Arduino to send and receive messages and make call

Hello everyone, so today in this lesson we will see how we can interface any of the GSM modules with our Arduino boards. We also see how we can Send or Receive SMS and how we can make calls using those modules. Note: the circuit diagrams provided in these lessons are strictly dependent on the…
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How to take a picture using Raspberry pi and Python

Hello everyone, today in this lesson we will learn how we can interface the pi camera with any of the pi boards available in the market. And also we see how we can take pictures using python scripts. To do this you need any of the raspberry pi boards and a raspberry pi camera module.…
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